10 Outdated Fashion Trends Nigerian Men Should Avoid in 2024


Part of loving men’s fashion is exploring its subtle variations, embracing fresh ideas and reviving old ones. While the changes may not be huge, these changes are subtle, which makes them all the more appealing. It’s all about the silhouette, the details, and the small variations in how you wear it. And yet, clothes that should have been thrown away before they ever saw the light of day have become a stain on the fashion world and unsightly in everyone’s eyes.

  However as a Nigerian man, below are some looks you should avoid at all costs, no questions asked. Just don’t go there.  And if you’ve already been there, change your ways!


Three-Quarter Length Trousers

These should also maybe be called very long shorts. You can see how the founders of this awful style thought of a way to let air circulate without being  as casual as shorts. However, the problem is that we don’t know what it is exactly. The proportions of the three-quarter length pants, popular with men, are completely wrong. I mean, Decide between shorts or pants.


Skin Tight Jeans

Fortunately, these seem to be on the decline. However, as a rule of thumb in life, pants that fit tight enough to accentuate every contour are commonly referred to as leggings, and are only allowed for marathons. Anything that clings to the calf will affect the look of the denim, making it look like it’s been dipped in ink. Asides that, this particular article has the nasty habit of choking up your male parts and bits leading to surprisingly nasty side effects later on.


V-neck Tees

Women’s fashion can play with necklines because women have the seductive space between the chin and décolletage which adds to the charm of wearing that article. Men don’t always have bulky chest muscles, while some men think they need to showcase their full chest muscles in the gym. These Tees are Probably worn by people who like spray painted jeans. We’re not judging, just saying


Huge Logos

If you’ve ever wondered why a clothing brand needs to cover everything with a logo, consider the following options: a) Design or quality alone can’t be a factor in price or b) it’s not strong enough to justify it. For them, You are tapping into your own deep insecurities and needing to shout about big brands to make up for your obvious lack of personality. There was a time when logomania was an expression of wealth, which is also a psychological problem in itself, but only a fool would believe such a thing in an age of perfect fakery and where minimalism and simplicity are now even more pricey.


Muscle hugging fit

If the spandex material of your shirt can barely contain your throbbing biceps and the size of your torso is straining the buttons, we have news for you.

Your shirt doesn’t fit. Take it back, resize it, or dump it.

Yes, we know you get looks from all the ladies and even gents because your muscles are sculpted into your shirt I but we can tell you for a fact that the image is jor doing much good. Do yourself a favor and stop wearing clothes that look like sausage skins.


Distressed clothing design

We’re not talking about vintage leather jackets here, but  new items designed to look like they’ve been worn out for 10 years. Jeans that are already torn, ragtag knits, jackets with raw hems, and sneakers with leather that looks worn and faded are all in this category. High-street and high-end designers are equally guilty,  all wasteful and unproductive, but the most expensive models are especially unpleasant


Eccentric Accessories 

These Accessories are equivalent to tribal tattoos. This category includes chunky wooden beads, shark tooth necklaces, and anything related to religious or cultural iconography that has nothing to do with you. Things that are supposed to make you look cultured, spiritual, or well-travelled instead look fake and conventional. At worst, that’s cultural misappropriation. 


Over the top Underwear

On the one hand,  underwear is generally a private space that only a few people see, so it’s probably the ideal place for a little silly fun. On the other hand, you might ask yourself “why should I lower my standards just because boxer shorts or briefs are hidden?, Why should I eviscerate myself by wearing the same pants I normally wore when I was five years old?.”

 Trust us on this. No one, male or female, is attracted to your “Warning: Dangerous Animals” Y front. It might come across as childish or over the top, and at worst, it’s going to end up non functional.


Square Tip Shoes

Indeed, this shoe type defies all rationality. Because your feet don’t have the beautiful, smooth “almond toe” shape of classic shoes. To be honest, the shape of the human foot is more square. These are shoes that used to be the threshold of classic feet fashion back in the day and until recent times. But like shoes with upturned toes and bells on the tips, they look outdated.


Leather Blazers

There are tailored clothes for work, weddings, or  other ceremonial occasions. These clothes don’t need to keep you warm at high altitudes or protect you from falling off a chair at high speed. So what’s the logic behind making a blazer out of leather? Of course, no one said fashion had to be logical. Remember this style, which was hugely popular among drug lords in the 70s and Consider the matrix movie. Then you might never think of wearing a leather blazer again.

In the world of fashion these days, there’s a lot going on, trends start and evolve just as quickly. It would be a shame to be stuck in the middle of the same style as you’ve acquired for yourself without getting with the times. Here’s to hoping you now know what wardrobe items would make you the butt of jokes and cramp your style.

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