In the chaos that might ensue in the daily lives of a lot of us, we have all been prone to the art of procrastination. It is quite easy to push back activities that may not be on our scale of preference including things as important as eating at the right time or shopping for groceries. What’s worse? We could even push back important things like making sure we’re updating our wardrobes to always look dapper while we step out everyday until we start to look like we’re falling apart. Shopping for your clothes doesn’t always have to be a time intensive affair. Here’s where Okunrin comes in with a menswear collection that is suitable for a bevy of dressings across the world of work and our daily lives as a whole.

As earlier mentioned, shopping for your tees doesn’t always have to take so much time. Here’s how easy it is to get your shopping done in record time so you can move onto other equally important things:

Art of Spontaneous Decisions

Last minute fashion choices concerning your tees don’t have to be haphazard but an art form in their own right. Okunrin’s tees are based on the idea that each clothing item is an opportunity for self-expression and individuality. You can never go wrong with the variety of choices made ranging from bold graphic tees to sleek shirts, highlighting the versatility of Okunrin’s collection, and ensuring that even impromptu decisions are met with an array of stylish possibilities.

Dash to Dapper, Express Delivery

Even in a rush, you can achieve a stylish and dapper look with the help of Okunrin’s quick and efficient delivery services. You can rely on Okunrin to seamlessly deliver the fashion choices that align with your  personal style, thereby turning your urgency into an advantage; an opportunity for triumph.

Mix and Match

With a wardrobe well stocked with Okunrin’s tees caters to those moments when time is of the essence, and you’re not exactly prepared in the outfit department. The flurry of decisions in pairing different pieces would most likely result in an ensemble win. In Okunrin’s menswear collection, there’s so much possibility and chances for creativity and finesse resulting in creating a stylish outfit on the fly.


Even the procrastinator can find comfort and style in Okunrin. So, to the kings of last-minute decisions, we say: dress like a procrastinator, but make it stylish. Okunrin – where last-minute purchases become eternal manifestations of your individual flair. To make it easy for you to dress like a procrastinator, we encourage you to fill your carts today, not tomorrow!

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