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Now that you’ve fallen in love with your awesome new Okunrin t-shirt. We want you to live happily ever after in fashionable bliss.­­­ That is why we wrote this fashion hack to explain some tricks and tips to help you correctly handle, maintain and make your t-shirts last longer.

All of our customized t-shirts are designed to last, but not forever, however, our tees will last you longer if you maintain them well.

A lot of actions that we take or do not take has a way of reducing the quality of the shirts.

I’m sure you’ve had some of your tees become wide-necked just after some weeks of owning them. You could also have noticed your tees fading out so soon after washing them a couple of times.

Please follow these easy maintenance tips on how to care for your printed tees.

Let’s jump right into it.

1. Wash similar t-shirt colours together

When washing your tees, ensure you wash only similar colours together. Whites should be washed together and darker colours can go into the machine together as well. Do not wash your whites with coloured tees, your white shirt may become darker, or take on some patches of the dark-coloured shirts. Your T-shirts will definitely last longer if you wash them correctly.

2. Cold wash your t-shirts

some types of fabrics should not be dipped in hot water, especially the 100% cotton which shrinks in hot water. The Okunrin t-shirts are made from 100% cotton so, it is important that you do not wash your Okunrin customized shirts in cold water to avoid shrinkage and to make your t-shirt last longer. 

Make Your T-Shirts Last Longer - Cold-wash your T-shirts

3. Wash different materials separately

You can put your 100% cotton shirts together in the machine, some materials are more delicate than the others and would require a different setting to optimize the washing process. You would want to ensure you get the best out of each wash round, so you can wash your sports clothes separately from your T-shirt. To make your t-shirts last longer, always sort your clothes by fabric type and wash them accordingly.

4. Iron your t-shirts in reverse

Depending on the type of fabric your T-shirt is, wrinkles and creases can be reduced while taking it out of the washing machine, you can shake the shirt or stretch it while it is still slightly wet, this will reduce the creases on the shirt and reduce the ironing time in return. If your Okunrin T-shirt eventually needs ironing, it is advisable to iron with medium heat on reverse, i.e., inside out. You can also put a piece of cloth on your shirt to avoid direct contact between the iron and your shirt, this is to keep the prints intact.

5. Store your t-shirts correctly

The best way to store your T-shirt is to fold it neatly and place it on a flat surface like a shelf. If you store your shirt by hanging it for a long time, it may cause the shirts to stretch, especially at the neckline. Also, to avoid fading, avoid sunlight while storing your shirts.

Make Your T-Shirts Last Longer - Store T-shirts correctly

6. Wash off stains on your T-shirt immediately

We all can get a little clumsy sometimes or just by sheer accident we get stains on our clothes. The rule of stain removal is to clean it immediately. Cotton absorbs liquid quicker, so the faster you start removing the stain, the easier it is to get it all out. Also, in a bid to remove stains, we often use the more aggressive stain removers which in turn has a bleaching effect on the shirt. Ensure you use a mild stain remover or detergent to wash off stains immediately.


Hopefully, these maintenance tips will help you get the most out of your customized tees and make your T-shirts last longer. What are your thoughts on these? Do you have other tips that have worked for you? Let us know in the comment section.

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