Care Tips For Your Ókùnrín Tees

A thousand and one stories can be woven into a single piece of fabric. But what happens when stories meet modern fashion? At Ókùnrín, we are set on a journey that goes beyond threads and stitches. Our menswear collection are not just ordinary garments. They’re rather original pieces of canvases that unfold narratives, hold sentiments, define individuality, and display bursts of creativity.

In a world where you are addressed the way you are dressed, it is quite imperative to show up in the dressing department. The true soul of an outfit is reflected in the language it speaks and our menswear collection is fluent in the art of self expression.

Now that you’ve copped yourself a few of Ókùnrín’s prized t-shirts, we recognize that the connection between you and your outfits could go beyond threads and trends. To ensure a happily ever after in your fashionable bliss, let’s delve into simple care tips to make your Ókùnrín t-shirts last as long as they should.

  1. Gentle wash, radiant wear: The first tip opens with gentle wash. Turn your t-shirts inside out to preserve the vibrant designs and colors. Also, always opt for a cold wash to prevent colors from fading. Keep in mind to use mild detergents that are both kinds to the fabric and the environment.
  2. Drying care: the harsh drying of the tumbler isn’t always too healthy for your t-shirts. A better option would be air drying on a flat surface. This helps maintain the shape, elasticity, and overall longevity of your t-shirts
  3. Storage flare: Each t-shirt deserves to have its own space. Avoid rumpling or squeezing them into each other. You could get a drawer divider and organize by colors neatly to avoid stretching, misshaping, and overall confusion. You could even look at organizing by colors as a visual ode to your collection.
  4. Overuse fears: Spread the love equally amongst your t-shirts by rotating them in your closet to prevent overuse of particular few t-shirts. We know it’s tough not to play favorites at times; some t-shirts do shine more than others in our eyes. 
  5. Stain battles: Life happens, and stains may find their way onto your beloved tees, especially your most favorite ones. Tackle them promptly by arming yourself with a stain survival kit. You never know when you would need to burst out that kit and save your tees from stain threats 
  6. Mending fun fares: Again, life happens and there might be a rip or two here, threadbaring or three there, in your favorite tees. Like they say, a stitch in time, saves nine. Life’s journey might leave a mark on your tees, but the ability to keep them going by mending them is truly the greatest act of love you can do for your tees.

Caring for your t-shirts is not just part of a routine; it’s an appreciation for the stories woven into the fabric, and the sentiments infused into them in your possession. As you embrace these tips with the aim of caring for your tees to extend their longevity, remember it is all a testament to the enduring connection between you and your favorite collection of tees. In the world of fashion afterall, love is the biggest statement and it never goes out of style.

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